This takes the biscuit. Neil Fisher, MP, who led the inquiry into the 2Sisters food scandal which saw 2Ag’s then CEO Ranjit Boparan hauled up before a Parliamentary Committee to answer questions about food hygiene in his West Bromwich chicken-processing plant, is not amused.

Boparan, already on a yellow card, sent out boxes of Fox Biscuits – a brand which he also owns – to all members of the inquiry shortly before Christmas 2017. Mr Fisher returned them smartly, pointing out on House of Commons notepaper that this ‘inappropriate gesture’ could be construed as an attempted bribe. Perhaps Mr Boparan might consider re-gifting? We the villagers of Stoke Ferry, who must daily endure the environmental consequences of his operation, deserve some kind of recompense, and chicken is clearly off the menu. Sell-by dates need evidently not be an issue.