The 2 Sisters Food Group (operators of the Stoke Ferry Mill) are still in hot water with MPs according to a recent BBC article.

Problems at a site run by the 2 Sisters Food Group in the West Midlands which forced them to suspend operations over hygiene concerns were “not a one-off” and it had a “far from pristine” past record, MPs on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee have claimed.

Problems at the Stoke Ferry site have been increasing; villagers were concerned to hear that 2Agriculture have no disaster plan in place should a major incident take place at the factory (such as a dust explosion) and the recent rise in complaints have gone unheeded.

We are concerned that the cavalier approach to public health demonstrated by Ranjit Singh Boparan (the man who owns 2 Sisters and was hauled before the Commons Select Committee to explain apparent health regulation breaches) could apply to the Stoke Ferry site.

If you have any concerns about the dust, noise, smell or traffic problems from the mill site, please go to our Complaints page and let us know.