We’ve heard that 2Agriculture have been looking for somewhere else to site the animal feed mill, currently in the middle of Stoke Ferry.  They have made 2 planning applications in the Thetford area, both of which have been refused (we are seeking to establish the reasons, but if rejected in Thetford why should we have to put up with it in Stoke Ferry?).

Although Stoke Ferry Restored is delighted that 2Agriculture has finally got the message that the mill needs to moved to a site suitable for its operations – Thetford is a good choice, it’s nearer to their main customers and has much better access to the major road network than Stoke Ferry – it also concerns us that:

  • 2Agriculture are looking for a new home without any mention to their own workforce, never mind the villagers of Stoke Ferry
  • The lack of a local development plan means that the mill site could be sold to the highest bidder to do with as they wish (after all, a buyer’s only goal will be to make money and not to improve the lives of villagers)

Stoke Ferry Restored asks the Parish to urgently address this issue and create a Neighbourhood Plan for Stoke Ferry.  We now have the opportunity to make Stoke Ferry a place that works for all villagers young and old; in education, working and retired; able and less able.  Just imagine…..

If you need some inspiration, we heard some great news from Yorkshire where the villagers of Hawes have taken the future of their village into their own hands!  It’s such good news, it’s been featured on BBC’s Countryfile!  Read article