Welcome to Stoke Ferry!

Stoke Ferry is an ancient and attractive village in West Norfolk situated between the towns of Swaffham and Downham Market and about 10 miles south of Kings Lynn.

This website has been created to support our campaign, not to close, but to relocate the animal feed mill (currently operated by 2Agriculture) to outside the village.

Our campaign is run by a small group of villagers and our mission is to return the village back to the people who live here:

  • To regenerate the village centre, lost to us for over 60 years
  • To reduce noise and pollution levels
  • To eliminate problems caused by mill traffic
  • To stimulate new employment opportunities
  • To make the village more attractive for all who live here

We want to work alongside 2Agriculture to bring about this vision. They have a business to run, they provide employment to local people and they did not build the mill themselves.  However, the mill and the surrounding buildings are falling into decay and are in need of significant investment and it is our wish that a modern, environmentally compliant mill is built nearby.

On this website we will be hosting information about the village, the feed mill and the opinions of local residents.  Our aim is to provide objective and validated information wherever possible so that you can make up your own mind!